What’s Old is New Again – Distressed Jeans as a Fashion Trend

I’m sure we all remember the fashion trends of the 80’s and early 90’s. Well, maybe not all of us, but those over 30 certainly do.  The torn and ripped jeans that were the butt of many jokes from those bad comedians of the late 90’s comedy boom.  While I suppose there is something to be said about charging more for something that’s supposed to look old and torn, there is also something to be said about knowing exactly what you want out of your style, and then going out and getting it…

And that’s what the new “distressed jeans” trend is all about… Just look at a few of these pictures and tell me they aren’t on-point when it comes to relaxed style:

Nothing says deliberate abandon like this jeans.  They sort of glorify and own a “walk of shame” concept, even dubbing the jeans “boyfriend jeans”, i.e. you borrowed them from your boyfriend when you were staying over…  Goes really well with everything from plaid to light blouses…

How do you find these jeans?  Well they are pretty popular now, having gotten their very own placement at C.G. Newman, and gotten coverage from a variety of outlets.  Go and pick up your pair today, and just think that someday, maybe 20 years from now, we might be coming back around to these jeans, and they will be in style all over again!

And if they tear during those 20 years? Who cares! They’ll just be even more perfectly reckless.  Love these things!

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